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IMO App: Want to make a video call. Download IMO Application now. There are a lot of applications we can go for video calling in android but it is very difficult to have an option like IMO for iOS. IMO is the only social media messenger which is available with the same features and specifications as it is available in the android. So we can communicate with the people who are all having the iPhone devices and also with the android device.

IMO For Windows PC,IMO Download, IMO Application, IMO For PC

IMO Application

In this article, I will tell you clearly about how to get the IMO application in your iOS devices. Just read the article completely and know about the features and specifications available in the IMO application.

IMO connecting 150 Million people:

After the launch of IMO application in the smartphone market now it gets the regular users of 150 millions people around the world. This is achieved because of the technology it is using. IMO application is using the cloud-based server technology by which we can connect with the users instantly irrespective of the distance. There might be no noise signals or interruption while in the video call.

IMO For Windows PC,IMO Download, IMO Application, IMO For PC

IMO Application

Special Features of IMO application:

  1. IMO application connects even in the low internet. Provide a great user experience when we connect even with the low internet speed.
  2. IMO requires very less bandwidth for communication.
  3. IMO is free of cost. We don’t need to spend a single penny for using IMO application
  4. Cross Platform Support: IMO application is available in all the major markets such as Android, iOS, Windows.
  5. IMO is available even on the desktop. so it is possible to communicate with the friends in the desktop no need to search for mobile phones.
  6. IMO application is nearly available to all the major languages. So it is time to chat in the mother tongue.
  7. Once the device is registered in multiple devices if you get a call from friends all the registered mobile device will get the call. So you can pick up the call using any of the devices which are nearby.
  8. All the chat history will be updated if you shift from one device to other.
IMO For Windows PC,IMO Download, IMO Application, IMO For PC

IMO Application

Download IMO For iOS Devices:

IMO application is now officially launched in the iOS store. So we can directly install from the iOS store. Here is the link below to download IMO for iOS. Click here to go to the iOS store.

IMO For Windows PC,IMO Download, IMO Application, IMO For PC

Steps to Install IMO in iOS:

  1. Enter the Keyword “IMO” in the iOS store search box.
  2. Click on the Install button.
  3. After IMO get installed in the device. Allow the Application in the iOS device to access the information such as contacts, Messages.
  4. Now click on the IMO application icon in the Home screen.

Steps to Register in the IMO Application:

  1. After Installing IMO Application click on the IMO icon in the Home Screen.
  2. It will ask the user to accept the Terms and Conditions in the Home panel.Click on “Accept” button.
  3. After that, it will ask for the mobile Number you want to register with. Enter the Mobiel number with the country code.
  4. The OTP will be sent to the mobile number you entered.Enter the OTP.
  5. Click on the submit button.
  6. That’s it. You had created the IMO account.
  7. Now IMO will automatically access your contact details and show you the contact list who are all already registered with the IMO application.

Now you can start calling your friends with the IMO application. If your friends do not yet know about IMO application just invite them to Install IMO in their mobile phones. IMO will send the message to your friends through message asking them to download IMO application.

IMO For Windows PC,IMO Download, IMO Application, IMO For PC

Languages in IMO

Special Reviews About the IMO Application:

  • It is very hard to find the application which is available on both the PC as well as Mobile with all the features. Download IMO and make video call now.
  • I am using the IMO Application for more than two years. I can feel myself there is a great change in the application from the day it gets launched to now. The IMO team is working very hard to connect the people in an ultimate way.
  • No need to search the mobile for video calling. Call using PC.
IMO For Windows PC,IMO Download, IMO Application, IMO For PC


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