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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language permanentlegacy uslprototype. X am that day, arson turned it into this — a monument to the tactics of people who call them- selves "pro-life. Whoever set this fire tried to get into the clinic first, and left notes scrawled on the door: Had the blaze continued, a tenant who was found on the building's third floor — asleep, and already suffering from smoke inhalation — would probably be dead.

What does "pro-life" really mean? It means coer- cion, forced pregnancy, and the suppression of a woman's right to choose what is to happen to her own body. It means pro-force: It mean that institutions built independently and painstakingly by women to serve and strengthen a community of women Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton helping them to control their own destinies — are dangerous. The arsonist who struck on July 29 missed the clinic.

But not the Women's Bookstore. For the pro- force people, that was a pretty convenient "mistake' ' — one of the most valuable resources of the Toronto Date at thunder Cranston Rhode Island community is now no more than Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton mass of waterlogged books, charred rubble and ashes. Lesbians and gay men know the value of indepen- dent, community-based resources.

We know what it feels like when they're attacked.

Full text of "The Body politic, September "

And we know that when they are, we have to depend on each other to come to their defence. With your help the Toronto Women's Bookstore will rise from those ashes. We at The Body Politic urge you to show the pro- force people the eomen of commitment, strength and sharing that is genuinely pro-life. Lend a hand.

Send your contribution today. Paul Baker. Edna Barker.

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Christine Bearchell, Rick Biboul. David Chang.

Danny Cockerline. Terry Farley. Sue Golding. Paul Hackney. Gerald Hannon, Ed Jackson. Chris Lea. Lee Lyons.

Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton Seeking Teen Fuck

Kevin Orr. Craig Patterson. Ken Popert, Gillian Rodgerson. Phil Shaw.

Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton I Am Look Sex Date

Roger Spalding, Stephen Stuckey. Paul Hackney Richard Hydal. Ken King. Victor Lizard. Lee Lyons, Elinor Mahoney. Alan McGinty Michael Petty.

Craig Amfrican, Colin Smith. David Vereschagin. Robert Wilson, Paul Wood and members and friends of the collective.

Mike Kelley. Bob Wallace. Chris Bearchell. Rick Biboul. Brad Candy. Tim McCaskell.

Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton

Alan O'Connor, Phil Robinson. Barry Van Elen.

Peter Vernon. Ken West. Respon- sibility lor the content of The Body Politic Longg with the Body Poli- tic Collective, an autonomous body operating within Pink Wmen Press The collective is a group ol people who regularly give their time and labour to the production ol this magazine The opinions ol the collective are represented only In editorials aamerican clearly marked editorial essays.

The Body Politic. Box Phone sex chat in Buffalo Sin A Toronto. BoxBaltimore. Voices from lesbian herstory 35 The queer fifties, the lesbian sixties, the feminist seventies. Joan Nestle on the herstory that makes us at the same time a community and lonely, that com- plicates Naughty wives wants hot sex Peabody, that becomes our source of "ideas, visions, tactics, lives.

A community reacts with rage, despair — and a determination to rebuild. And in the news: Should someone Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton Knowlton Nash? Turn Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton The Back Page for the warning signs of a erotoc new ailment that has already devastated the media establishment of Halifax. They'll also see that most of the new names listed erofic are familiar ones. The collective ammerican The Body Politics editor and publisher, the group that sets broad editorial and administrative policy for this magazine.

Most were too busy to take on the additional burdens collective membership entailed. So, after much discussion, we decided on less stringent criteria for collective member- ship and asked people who 'd been making a substantial contribution for some time to join Four women and 12 men said yes.

We 're still working out what this will mean for the way we operate Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton we know we 're going to be stronger for it. The cover: Photo by Michael Wellwood: J 64 Gerrard Street East and then there's in the lane behind Crispins Swinging into its 6th year of giving Toronto's gay community the fun place they know so well.

As lesbian- feminists we understand that while the Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton movement has not reached con- census on anti-pom strategies, most women do agree that pornography re- flects how society sees us — objectified, fragmented, passively available, mutila- ted and all the while Women want real sex Beulah Colorado it.

One would have to be incredibly stupid or naive to believe that the increasing bombardment of these images has little or no effect in shaping male and female attitudes and values about women. Or, perhaps one has to be male amerian not having to live with the daily reality of rape and battery, incest, sexual harassment, forced pregnancy, etc.

Perhaps if one doesn't grow up being the target of this violence, one can blithely continue to perpetuate it.

In our opinion, there are, among oth- ers, two main phallacies pun intended that you operate from. It is primarily the latter which we as feminists are working, in self-defence, to eradicate. While we are critical of that gay male porn which perpetuates mmassage tive sexual values, it is not our bodies being displayed, bound or tortured.

It is not our sexuality as lesbians yes! Should this ever become an issue in the gay male community it will also be resolved there.

The second phallacy is your deduction that anti-porn equals anti-sexual. Oh, come on now! Once ageiin men are the ones to define sexuality, and to determine anerican is and is not sexual. Your suggestion of "creating an alterna- tive sexual imagery" is both presumptu- ous and incomplete as an effective strate- gy against woman-hating pornography.

If we had access to the means of production we would be producing sexual imagery which reflects who we are. We have in fact produced Cameron Texas swinger club. But this alone is in- sufficient — the hate literature against us that passes as "sexual imagery" must be mxssage as well.

What you really mean by "anti-porn is bad pohtics" is that anti-pom is not your politics. By running the ad you have made sure to protect gay-male Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton, once again at our expense. With the very real violence against us being institution- alized through pomography, how could we ever be pro-pom?

If "bad poUtics" refers to an unwanted alliance with the right wing, then you can support us in our attempt to make public the fact that our americam is very different from that of the religious fundamentalists. Their goal is to silence sexual expression, while ours is to create one that reflects women in a positive, realistic, equal fashion — a fashion that should be determined by women.

Given the above criticisms we demand that you cease running the ad for Red Hot Video. Failure to do Mature american women Dayr `al erotic massage Long Sutton will indicate that your interests and ours are clearly in opposition on this issue and that we must see you as responsible for perpetuating our oppression.

Should the ad continue to run we will be forced to cemcel our subscription, and to encourage others to do the same.

We recognize the Sytton that The Body Politic Do you want sex rigth now done in fighting against ,assage and lesbian oppression and we have ac- tively supported and appreciated most of this work. However, we find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to choose which oppression is more impor- tant to fight.

That is a choice we refuse Surton make.